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In laboratory validation, SYNTHIA™ Lite retrosynthesis software found robust and reliable pathways that reduce synthetic steps, increase yields, and decrease costs for both known and novel targets.

Benefits of SYNTHIA™ Lite

• Cloud-Based Application
• 30 Day Free Trial for up to 5 Target Molecules
• Individual license of SYNTHIA™ with the power of SYNTHIA™ Enterprise
• Easy Upgrade to the Enterprise version of SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software

New Features

Expanded Reaction Databases
• Improved machine-extracted rules databases
• Additional published reactions databases

Enhanced Results Path View
• New Building Block View with disconnection
schemes of target molecule and list of
starting materials
• New Pathway View with full reaction
scheme, reaction names and typical
reaction conditions

Experience how SYNTHIA™ Lite retrosynthesis software can enhance your expertise to quickly go from imagining what’s possible to testing what’s probable. Are you ready to join the retrosynthesis revolution?