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  • SYNTHIA 23.1 Major Release

    SYNTHIA™ 23.1 Major Release

    We are pleased to announce this major release update of SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software. Based on [...]

  • WEBINAR: Accelerating Synthesis Design & Modeling with VR

    SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software is a powerful tool that combines sophisticated algorithms, advanced chemical logic and a unique database [...]

  • Connect with Us & Demo SYNTHIA at Booth 416

    18th Drug Discovery Chemistry 2023

    Connect with us at the 18th Drug Discovery Chemistry Conference. Improve your efficiency and learn [...]

  • WEBINAR: Reduce Risk & Improve Synthesis Outcomes

    Developing drug molecules is a slow, iterative process that involves sorting through thousands of pathways to find the [...]

  • SYNTHIA Retrosynthesis Software 6.5 Release Update Video

    SYNTHIA™ 6.5 Release Update

    Get a sneak-peak of the most recent user interface improvements featuring: A streamlined New Analysis [...]

  • Did You Know: SYNTHIA Power Search

    Natural Product Settings – “Power Search”

    You can take advantage of the advanced algorithms described in the Nature publication "Computational planning [...]

  • Get Your Synthon: Lamellodysidine A

    Synthesis of a Bridged Polycycle Sesquiterpene: Lamellodysidine A

    The synthesis of natural products in many cases is a challenging task due to the presence of [...]

  • Computational planning of the synthesis of complex natural products

    In this Nature paper from 2020, researchers showcased advances in computer-aided synthetic design. Prior to [...]

  • OPRD 2023

    Organic Process Research & Development 2023

    Improve your efficiency and learn how to be more innovative in your synthetic route design, [...]

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