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  • Workflow to identify alternate starting material supply chains.

    Reinforcing the supply chain of antiviral drugs with retrosynthetic software

    The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 shook global supply chains and caused widespread economic disruptions that are [...]

  • World Bi 18th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme

    World-BI 18th Drug Discovery Innovation Program

    This year’s Drug Discovery Innovation Programme will highlight the challenges discovery pipelines have faced due [...]

  • Developer Updates - Synthetic Accessibility Score

    Synthetic Accessibility Score

    SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software is constantly being improved according to your specifications and needs. Our software [...]

  • SYNTHIA has MOl/Strain View

    SYNTHIA™ Has a 3D Mol/Strain View

    You can use SYNTHIA™ 3D View to see the molecular conformation of any structure. Open the [...]

  • Berotralstat Synthesis Planning with SYNTHIA

    Retrosynthesis of the First Non-Steroidal Treatment of HAE

    SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software is a decision support platform that helps synthetic chemists and process chemists alike tackle [...]

  • Synthesis Planning of Pupukeanane with SYNTHIA

    Synthesis Planning of Pupukeanane using SYNTHIA™

    Computer-Aided Synthesis Planning (CASP) is gaining popularity and being used in labs around the world to help speed [...]

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