SYNTHIA™ 23.1 Major Release

We are pleased to announce this major release update of SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software. Based on user feedback, we have vastly improved the user interface for reviewing retroanalysis results, enabling faster decision making in identifying the best synthesis pathway. New, detailed icons provide even more anchor points for valuable information right within the pathway results. Read on to discover all the new additions and improvements or contact us now for a live demo.

What’s New

Analysis Results

  • New Building Blocks View with disconnection schemes and highlighted starting materials that contribute to the target molecule
  • New Pathway View with detailed full reaction scheme

Molecule Details


  • Additional Published Reactions databases
    • USPTO database includes reactions from United States patents published between 1976 and 2016
    • Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions database contains a collection of expert-curated enzymatic reactions from the literature
  • New Machine-Extracted Reaction Rules databases for uncommon chemistry
  • 150 new Expert-Coded Rules have been added (see examples in the SYNTHIA™ in-app Learning Center)


User Interface

  • Targets are color-coded by building-block components
  • Building-block view provides quick inventory of required starting materials
  • Pathway view includes new icons for
    • reaction similarity
    • compound publication frequency
    • regulated compounds
    • protection-group requirement
    • inventory compounds

Analysis Features

  • Analyses that Seek exact structures return only pathways containing the desired structures
  • Analyses with bonds marked as Reaction Center return only pathways disconnecting these bonds

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