Technical Notes

  • Getting Started with SYNTHIA™ 23.1

    Get started quickly with the latest version of SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software (v. 23.1). Check out this video to [...]

  • Automating Chemical Synthesis

    Despite significant advances in recent decades, synthetic chemistry remains a highly challenging field. Synthesis of novel molecules with [...]

  • SYNTHIA 23.1 Major Release

    SYNTHIA™ 23.1 Major Release

    We are pleased to announce this major release update of SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software. Based on [...]

Case Studies

Automated Synthesis Application Note Part 2

Automated synthesis planning and execution with SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software and Synple Automated Synthesizer.

Part 2: Analysis of time-savings using automated technologies compared with traditional methods

Download to Learn:

  • How Synple’s automated cartridge-based synthesis technology can be used to streamline the drug discovery process.
  • A deep dive into the another synthesis route planned by SYNTHIA™ and executed by Synple
  • How using SYNTHIA™ and Synple combined reduced the total synthesis time by as much as 93%

Automated Synthesis Application Note Part 1

In this 2 Part case study, we present how SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software and SynpleChem Automated Synthesizer can accelerate the design and synthesis process and boost productivity.

Download to Learn:

  • More about recent advances in automated synthesis enabling technologies
  • SYNTHIA™ search configurations optimized for Synple
  • How the Synple optimized parameters stack up against other search configuratinos
  • Results of route synthesis executed with the Synple automated synthesizer

Release notes

Release Notes V. 23

Download this whitepaper and learn more about:

  • How important retrosynthesis planning is for drug design and process development
  • How computational power and artificial intelligence have aided retrosynthetic planning
  • How SYNTHIATM Retrosynthesis Software uses advanced algorithms powered by a vast database of hand-coded chemical reaction rules to find viable synthetic pathways
  • How SYNTHIATM Retrosynthesis Software can be utilized to aid the development of novel therapeutics and ensure robust supply of existing therapeutics

Past Releases:

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