Technical Notes

  • SYNTHIA Retrosynthesis Software 6.5 Release Update Video

    SYNTHIA™ 6.5 Release Update

    Get a sneak-peak of the most recent user interface improvements featuring: A streamlined New Analysis [...]

  • Did You Know: SYNTHIA Power Search

    Natural Product Settings – “Power Search”

    You can take advantage of the advanced algorithms described in the Nature publication "Computational planning [...]

  • Get Your Synthon: Lamellodysidine A

    Synthesis of a Bridged Polycycle Sesquiterpene: Lamellodysidine A

    The synthesis of natural products in many cases is a challenging task due to the presence of [...]

Case Studies

The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Retrosynthesis

Download this whitepaper and learn more about:

  • How important retrosynthesis planning is for drug design and process development
  • How computational power and artificial intelligence have aided retrosynthetic planning
  • How SYNTHIATM Retrosynthesis Software uses advanced algorithms powered by a vast database of hand-coded chemical reaction rules to find viable synthetic pathways
  • How SYNTHIATM Retrosynthesis Software can be utilized to aid the development of novel therapeutics and ensure robust supply of existing therapeutics

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