WEBINAR: Accelerating Synthesis Design & Modeling with VR

SYNTHIA Nanome Webinar Drug Discovery Virtual Reality

SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software is a powerful tool that combines sophisticated algorithms, advanced chemical logic and a unique database of expert-coded chemistry rules to quickly find viable pathways for synthetic targets.

The ability to differentiate between ‘easy-to-make’ and ‘difficult-to-make’ molecules is a challenging, but necessary task, for prioritizing compounds in large virtual screening libraries. By combining the modern deep-learning model, and data collected with our renowned retrosynthetic planning software, we deliver SYNTHIA™ Synthetic Accessibility Score (SAS) service, a tool applicable to high-throughput in-silico compounds processing. In this webinar, learn more about SYNTHIA’s SAS service and how it can be easily integrated with your digital research ecosystem through our API.

Nanome® is a virtual reality platform for molecular design and structure-based drug discovery used by pharma and biotech companies to accelerate drug discovery and collaborate in real time with teams around the globe. In this webinar, we are going to explore how Nanome®’s collaborative virtual environment can leverage the retrosynthesis workflows supported by SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how SYNTHIA combines sophisticated algorithms with advanced chemical knowledge to automatically plan full step-by-step pathways to know and novel molecules.
  • Learn how SYNTHIA can help you reduce risk in the lab by providing decision making support for route planning
  • Learn how SYNTHIA’s Synthetic Accessibility score can help you prioritize virtual compounds based on ease of synthesis
  • Discover how virtual reality can be integrated into the process of pathway design for chemists leveraging SYNTHIA
  • Getting up to speed with VR, one of the most promising analysis and visualization technologies for drug discovery

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