Reducing Risk in Synthetic Planning – C&EN Webinar

Emma Gardener & Tim Cernak SYNTHIA Webinar Speakers
Presented by C&EN Webinars on October 25th, 2022 at 11am EDT
Developing drug molecules is a slow, iterative process that involves sorting through thousands of pathways to find the most viable drug candidates. AI is poised to transform chemical synthesis, by providing opportunities to mitigate the risk and shorten the small molecule drug discovery process.
In this webinar, learn how computer-aided retrosynthetic planning has evolved and is being used by chemists, based on actual use cases with SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software and a live demonstration.

About the Presenters:

Emma Gardener received her undergraduate degree from Trinity College and worked for several years as a Research Associate in Biotechnology. Thereafter, she completed her PhD in Organic Chemistry at Brown University. As NSF Graduate Research Fellow, she worked on developing new methodologies for the synthesis of antibacterial peptide natural products. In 2018, she joined Millipore Sigma as a Technical Application Scientist and is responsible for the commercial licensing of SYNTHIATM Retrosynthesis Software.

Tim Cernak obtained a B.Sc. in Chemistry from University of British Columbia studying the aroma profile of Chardonnay wines. Following a PhD in total synthesis at McGill University, Tim was a FQRNT Postdoc Fellow at Columbia University. In 2018, Cernak joined the Dept. of Med. Chem. at the U. Mich. as an Asst. Professor. The Cernak Lab explores the interface of chemical synthesis and data science. Tim is also co-Founder of Entos, Inc.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Improve efficiency and boost success rate in drug development by harnessing hand-coded reaction rules and advanced algorithms
  • Explore the features of the software to meet project demands and reduce risk in synthesis
  • Discover and design novel, cost-effective pathways for target molecules from commercially available building blocks or proprietary inventory
Who Should Attend
  • Lab Managers
  • Group/Team Leaders
  • Director/VP-Level Executives
  • IT/Computational Chemists
  • IP Lawyers
  • Academic Researchers
  • Research Scientist / Chemist

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