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  • Developer Updates - Synthetic Accessibility Score

    Synthetic Accessibility Score

    SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software is constantly being improved according to your specifications and needs. Our software [...]

  • SYNTHIA has MOl/Strain View

    SYNTHIA™ Has a 3D Mol/Strain View

    You can use SYNTHIA™ 3D View to see the molecular conformation of any structure. Open the [...]

  • Berotralstat Synthesis Planning with SYNTHIA

    Retrosynthesis of the First Non-Steroidal Treatment of HAE

    SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software is a decision support platform that helps synthetic chemists and process chemists alike tackle [...]

  • Synthesis Planning of Pupukeanane with SYNTHIA

    Synthesis Planning of Pupukeanane using SYNTHIA™

    Computer-Aided Synthesis Planning (CASP) is gaining popularity and being used in labs around the world to help speed [...]

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